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Cluny's voice shook as he addressed the nightmare visitor.whatever evil vision it was dreaming. Sweat like ice water drenched Matthias's fur. Asmodeus had opened his eye while still remaining asleep. There was no other explanation possible.314"Yurr, missie, they ratten varments be a-comm' up'n two days, oi'll reckern. Gar! We'm give em owd 'arry if n they shows thurr 'eads.""The Field of Dead Mice!"

"Stop, thief! Come back here, you villain!"The young sparrow launched herself off the ridge. She went into a series of zooming circles and performed a few acrobatic turns for her companion's benefit.Pressing deeper into Mossflower, he paused and listened upon the wind for sounds of pursuit. Faintly he could distinguish certain noises. Whoever it was seemed to be traveling at a breakneck pace with little regard to obstructing bush or foliage. The sound of snapping branches and undergrowth being trampled grew nearer. The fox's finely-attuned sense of smell told him that there were two creatures on his trail. One of them was a hedgehog, but the other? Chickenhound's legs began to tremble. His heartbeats echoed in his ears. There was only one creature in all the wood with that heavy unmistakable scent . . . Constance the, badger!By now they were at the edge of the common land. The rats had fallen back momentarily.269

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"Yes, our poor friend Redtooth," Cluny agreed sympathetically. Suddenly his voice hardened as he shot a question at Fangburn: "You! How did your face get knocked about, and where did you get those long scratches from?""Bet I will."305

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"Excuse my mentioning it, sir," Matthias shouted over the hubbub. "But what about your promise regarding our friend the Squire?"Constance called the two old friends together. "Look, it's no use quarreling among ourselves. We should be thinking of a solution. Come on, you two, stop sulking and be pals


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"Agreed," chortled the owl. "In fact I'll go even further. I promise you that if you defeat the snake, I'll admit I was wrong to that stuffy old cat. I'll even apologize to him on bended knees, so there!"their mission of discovery, Ambrose, perhaps they ought to drink some more, eh?"Abbot Mortimer and Constance the badger meandered through the grounds together. Both creatures were deep in thought. Had they spoken and voiced their thoughts, they would have mentioned the same subject, the safety of Red-wall.Two mice within Redwall.They stared at each other. Matthias could think of nothing

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Matthias sprang up, roaring at the top of his voice, "Stop that rat! Stop that rat!"

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Abbot Mortimer closed his eyes for a moment before carrying on with his final instructions."He kept me on that ram for two hours."Mangefur pointed an accusing claw at his companion. "Please, Chief, it was Ragear's fault. If we'd gone across the fields instead of up the road?

Cheesethief struggled to obey. It was all right for the Chief, sitting back there giving out his orders. He didn't have to balance with one claw while pushing a silly plank about with die other. Cheesethief slipped. With a squeak of dismay he let go of the plank. It clattered against a branch.

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