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Sure enough, after some peculiar grunts and much curlingRiding upon a cat's back was a new and unusual experience for Matthias. Although he took great care to disguise it, Julian was quite an observant creature. As he strode with an easy grace across the farmyard, he remarked idly, "Your friends the shrews are out in force today. Ignorant little things! They think I can't see them. Give Log-a-Log and Guosim a message from me, will you? Tell them it is quite safe to come into die barn for hay and other items. Snow doesn't roost there any more. Goodness knows, I certainly won't hurt them. My diet consists of herbs, grasses and an occasional fish from the river. I gave up red meat years ago. You might also mention that if they must come to my barn, would they please desist from arguing and fighting so much? There's nothing quite as upsetting as quarrelsome little shrews disturbing one's meditations."Guosim walked to the river's edge. Cupping her paws around her mouth she called in a ululating voice: "Logalogalo-galogalog!"Even as Winifred spoke two grappling hooks with climbing ropes attached came clanging over the parapet and lodged in the joints.Without another word Cluny marched off with his selected rodents, first to the upturned hay cart in the ditch down the road, then a quick circle around into Mossflower Wood.The badger stared sadly at the scorched earth. "True, no side uses fire as a weapon, not even Cluny. It is the one thing that spells certain death to creatures on both sides. We must look on it as an accident, Father Abbot."Silently they slid outside the small green-painted iron door. Matthias straining his eyes anxiously to see if there were any signs of life in the hedgehog. He still lay about a hundred and fifty mouse paces from where they stood.

"Matthias, I that am, Matthias, you that are."255A gasp of surprise arose from all those within hearing range. Matthias bowed his head. He was stunned by his Father Abbot's words.Unexpectedly Killconey received her reward for flattery at the wrong time - a thwack over her head from the standard."North," said Sela.

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BOOK ONEThe crowd fell silent. All that could be heard was Silent Sam sucking his tiny paw as he clutched on to his father's tail.The warm, red stone ramparts rang to the echo of the three friends* delighted laughter.

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Outside upon the grass the woodland captives heard Cluny's crazed laughter ringing from the Abbey. They shivered at theIn spite of his dangerous predicament Matthias was inwardly amused at the King's use of his name. Slumping to the floor, he sat with his head between his paws, the picture of dejected innocence.

No one noticed that there was an extra mouse laboring among the workers in the roadway.

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With a sack upon his back the wily fox roamed from room to room. The Abbey was his oyster.Basil looked rather shamefaced. "All my fault, I'm afraid. Should have kept my eye on the little rascal. We'll have to organize another search party."He held out the chewed and broken climbing rope. Cluny snatched it. "This looks like Shadow's climbing rope. He's dead. What are you fools trying to tell me?"The sun was in his army's eyes!The young Sparra Queen winked cheekily. "Is easy. Me get Sparras to open little wormdoors in wall: east, south, north. You see, they do good. Warbeak go now, see friend Matthias mouse at Redwall."

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Matthias shook his head. "No, I cannot allow it. It's far too dangerous."

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A rat armorer set the war helmet firmly upon Cluny's head. He snapped the visor down and kicked aside the rat who had fixed the poison barb on his tail.On reflection, Matthias could see the wisdom of the badger's counsel. Long after they had all retired for the night he sat up thinking. A hundred mad ideas pounded through his brain, each one wilder than the last. Feeling at a loss, he wandered up into Great Hall and stood in front of the tapestry. Without consciously realizing it, he found himself talking to Martin the Warrior."Thank you, Sparra mother," he said. "Mouse not make jbrouble for you. Nuts make King happy, you see."

Only yesterday the young one known as Silent Sam was heard to speak. He was heard conversing with the son of Matthias and Cornflower. The young squirrel suddenly began to relate the saga of the Late Rose Summer Wars to the baby mouse. I fear that we will not be able to stop him from talking, or his parents from laughing with delight. The son of our warrior is a strong chubby little fellow. Everyone calls him Matttmeo because 'Matthias Methuselah Mortimer' is too big a mouthful, but that was what his parents wished his name to be. Even now he tries long and often to lift the great sword Ratdeath. I think one day he is sure to succeed his father as Abbey Champion. Our Abbot, Mordalfus (no wonder he always preferred the name Alf, I mean, Mordalfus?), has declared that his first anniversary shall be marked by a huge feast. We are all invited. Constance has been pulling her cart around the woodland and meadows far and wide, bringing in guests.

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