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235'* As they entered the room, Matthias skipped about and sang his ditty. Whipping out the packet he selected a nut and topped it straight into the open beak of the astonished ruler. ' "Mouseworm find more candynuts for big King Sparra," Matthias giggled. "Fetch here quick. Maybe mouse give King lib nuts. King letta mouse go home free.""Scabbard mean sword case?" Dunwing inquired. Matthias nodded.200229Cornflower sent two of her helpers. They had to go the long way around to reach the kitchens. Abbot Mortimer had declared Great Hall and Cavern Hole out of bounds to all creatures, with the exception of those helping Matthias and Methuselah.

The horde captains swaggered off jauntily. Cluny ad-dressed the picture of Martin upon the tapestry.Redtooth would have flown a record distance had there not been a stout sycamore tree several yards away. . . .

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"Matthias save my Warbeak," she said. "We have no Sparra warrior to look after us. Warbeak brave like father was. Now father, he dead. I learn to stand up for us 'til Warbeak grow into great warrior some day."Coolly Jess stood her ground until they were almost upon her. Right at the last second she went like a blur up the side of a horse chestnut tree, stopping just out of reach. Some of the more agile ones tried climbing to get at her. Jess merely scampered further upwards.Meanwhile, in another part of Mossflower Wood, Sela sneaked along looking from left to right. There was the three-topped oak, there was the Abbey wall. Ah, here it was, the old stump.

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Log-a-Log snuffled lazily in and flopped down beside his mouse friend. '?Basil brought his good-natured authority into play. "You there! Fourth from the end, chappie! Liven your ideas up, laddie buck. That's the third time you've spilled a basket of soil. Here, let me show you how."

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Abbot Mortimer pointed at the first rays of sun streaming in through the window. "Yes, but you are back now; and see, you've brought with you a magnificent June summer morning."Methuselah laughed with delight. "You see! The Sparrow King owns a big sword!"But Matthias saw only the sword of Martin the Warrior!As yet Cluny had not chosen a new second-in-command, though he had let it be known that any of* his followers who distinguished himself in the coming battle would receive immediate promotion in the field. Killconey the ferret stood alongside his Chief with a drum that he had made from an old water butt. He had unofficially appointed himself

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Little chance there was of anything democratic being allowed by Cluny the Scourge, who lay on the bed with his eye closed, ignoring the whispered bickering and backbiting around him. He would promote only when he was good and ready. Meanwhile, just let any of his horde dare try to press the issue!

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Matthias screamed aloud with fright inside the cat's mouth. It was sloppy and hot, pink and black, smelling indescribably tad seemingly full of huge yellowed teeth.would be able to throttle him with the edge of the railing. Cluny braced his feet and strained. He could feel the breath laboring raggedly within his chest; he must win! The voices had told him he would never again see the warrior after the sun set upon this day. The prophecy had to be fulfilled once and for all.The first mistake he made was to peep over the edge of the eaves. Far, far, below, the Abbey grounds looked like a spread-out pocket handkerchief, the great wall representing its border. Wkh the blustery howling wind pinning flat his ears, and forcing the breath back down his throat, Matthias giddily covered his eyes with a paw. He felt physically sick at the mere thought of it all.

who started spreading the rumor - it had always been the same with the Sparra.

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