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Friar Hugo's cry galvanized the fox into action. He grabbed the sack and fled from the Abbey.The defeated warriors ignored him. Caked with filthy mud and trailing broken spears, they dashed off along thetfitch."Ferret Gate, Stoat Orchard, Weasel Bell. Hahahahaha-haha!"Cheesethief shook his head. "No, Chief, it was further out into the woods. Look what 1 found wrapped around the trunk."Grasping the rope in her beak, Dunwing flew out on to the roof and braced herself.Strolling leisurely around the bank of the Abbey pond, the two companions gathered up the nets preparatory to spreading them upon the water. Brother Alf went farther along the bank, looking for floats. Constance was about to sit down at the water's edge when she heard Alf calling, "Constance, look! Down here! There's a sparrow!"Cornflower shrieked aloud.

Silently the mice did as ordered. The cart moved off with Matthias positioned on the back providing a rearguard. The young mouse gripped his staff tightly, his back to his charges, facing down the road in the direction the hay cart had taken.334Cluny rested upon his standard. "You?""My thanks to you, badger!" he shouted. "You did a fine job!"Immediately the mice on sentry duty were alerted. As Shadow ran he saw Constance dash across the grounds at an angle which cut him ofPfrom the stairs up to the ramparts. Switching direction, he made for the next set of stairs, silently cursing the badger. Now he would have to use his climbing rope to descend quickly to the road.

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Dunwing looked up from the meal she was preparing. Her"However, the walls must always be guarded. I leave it to you, my captains. Stay ever vigilant against Cluny and his horde. I know that with your counsel and good judgment, we will soon see the day when the enemy are forced to go elsewhere and leave Redwall in peace.""Oh, they've still got their ears to the ground," Ambrose said gruffly. "Foremole says they've heard the odd echo, nothing definite though. South-west corner is where he thinks they might surface eventually."

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Jess's keen ears caught every word the Warlord had said. The plan had worked! She threw a hard spiky nut and called to Cluny: "Hey, ratface! Do you actually think that you've got 'this one' trapped? Ha, I'm about as trapped as a skylark in the air on a clear day! There's not one of you can get near me."The rope tasted foul. Ragear could tell by its scent that it had once belonged to Shadow. He'd never liked that surly poker-faced rodent! Ragear congratulated himself as his teeth bit through another strand.

As the mice conversed, the moles hurled the last of the rubble from the ramparts, then set about brushing the stones clean.

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Meanwhile, Cluny the Scourge made his own counterespionage moves. He allowed Sela to minister to his wounds, but he secretly stopped taking the herbs and potions to help him sleep.Matthias snapped out of his reverie. Silent Sam was admiring his sword belt. He laughed. "Do you like that, Sam? It's the sword belt of a famous warrior."Methuselah grinned mischievously. "Lend me your dagger. I have a simple experiment that I wish to try on our prisoner. Come on."At the camp of Cluny the Scourge, the rat army was girding itself up for war.Cluny had arrived!

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"The horde is ready to march, Chief."

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Chief returning. Good! Cluny would probably be gone for another hour or two yet."Fur and whisker, tooth and claw, All who enter by our door. Nuts and herbs, leaves and fruits, Berries, tubers, plants and roots, Silver fish whose life we take Only for a meal to make."not harm a mouse who wears the habit of our Order. They know he or she is one who will heal and give aid. It is an unwritten law that Redwall mice can go anywhere, through any territory, and pass unharmed. At all times we must live up to this. It is our way, bur very life."

Shortly afterwards, Cornflower arrived bearing a tray of breakfast for them both: nutbread, salad, milk and some of Friar Hugo's special quince pie. She was about to strike up a conversation with Matthias when Methuselah sent her packing.

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