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"Hmm," Matthias mused, "let's look at this logically. Go through it word by word."Matthias wiped sweat from his brow. "Take a breather, old one. I know who can handle this. Foremole and his team.""Patience, you young scallywag," chided the ancient mouse. "Be quiet and listen. It takes the form of a poem:

Later that evening Brother Alf was patrolling his stretch of wall when he noticed a movement in the ferns at the edge of Mossflower Wood. Constance and Matthias were summoned hastily. They peered over the parapet. Brother Alf pointed to where he had seen the ferns moving.Jess was about to hurl more nuts and insulting remarks when the form of Cluny's plan dawned on her. The rat was trying to do exactly as she and Basil had done. It was a trap to make her become careless. Two can play at that game, Jess thought to herself. The horde soldiers watching the squirrel noticed a change come over her. She appeared agitated, gnawing upon her lip and rubbing her paws together. In anguish she clutched the tapestry, hugging it to her body.With a grunt of satisfaction Foremole called out to his team, "Yurr moles, gather round an' set your diggen claws in um crack."beneath the heavy ladders that had fallen. The air resounded with screams and moans.

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The young mouse bowed his head. "But Majesty, me got

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Matthias absently pushed his plate across to the hare. Basil needed no second bidding.

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Cluny came dashing towards the stricken Shadow, with Ragear scuttling in his wake. Despite his appalling injuries, Shadow managed to lever himself up on one paw.Constance stood tall, her huge paws folded. "Redtooth, isn't it? I see you still remember me from your defeat at the wall. I told you then we had a score to settle."

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The baby squirrel smiled. . . and nodded . . . and sucked.Great Hall. Martin the Warrior. Something terrible was going on downstairs. He was needed urgently.

"They're heading right for us," said Jess grimly. "Better get all defenders to battle stations."

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