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"Tell Sela that the Abbot will see her two days from tonight at ten o'clock in Mossflower Wood. She must come to the old tree stump, and mind you tell her ?no tricks!"

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Angrily Matthias slammed his dagger point deep into the edge of the rubble heap. "I told you it was a waste of time. Can't you stay awake for five minutes? Must you go to sleep on me?"

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Shortly after twelve o'clock Matthias awakened. The noontime sunlight flooded the room. Basil was flat on his back snoring stentoriously. Although his shoulder still throbbed, Matthias felt fit and refreshed - well enough to travel; He knew, however, that he must act with stealth and secrecy. If die Abbot or Cornflower or any of his friends knew of his scheme he would have no chance at all. They would make certain he was confined to bed until further notice.Some time later, Cluny was deep in conference with Killconey and his squad. It was interrupted by a scuffle and commotion from outside. Cheesethief strode in, dragging Chickenhound and prodding Sela ahead of him with a spear.

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