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Matthias thought for a moment. Everyone was watching him.The frog remained perfectly still. There seemed to be two figures, and some sort of shadow. The moon came out from behind a cloud.Matthias blinked and scratched his head. He looked at Methuselah. "Well, what did all that mean? It's a riddle to me.""I will not need until tomorrow, rat. You can have my answer now. How dare you come here with your robber band to read articles of death and slavery to me? 1 tell you that neither you nor your army will ever set paw or claw inside Red wall, not while 1 or any of my creatures have breath in our bodies to fight and resist you. That is my solemn word.""Chop off his nose.""He's coming!" Log-a-Log screamed in terror.The marmalade cat loomed up out of the half-light. "So I see. Welcome, little friend! Is that the sword you told me of?"

Matthias and Cluny continued battling savagely. Iron smashed upon steel as Cluny called up reserves from his vast strength and cunning to defeat his opponent. Twice he had hurled clawfuls of soil at Matthias's eyes, but each rime the shield rose swiftly and deflected them. The Warrior MouseThe Abbot took his seat among cries of, "Hear, hear." There was much paw-shaking and fur-patting. Matthias felt deeply honored, but very impatient. The hourglass had to empty twice more before the crucial time he awaited. He stole a sideways glance at his companion. Methuselah could hardly stop his eyelids from dropping. The hard work they had done, combined with the nervous tension, were beginning to tell upon the old gatehouse-keeper. Matthias nudged him gently.Instantly Matthias found himself fighting for his life. The Sparra soldiers piled in on him, jabbering, clawing and pecking. He managed to get a paw free and struck out left and right, dealing hefty blows to several of the sparrows. Matthias realized that he would soon be overwhelmed as more sparrows pressed in on him, urged on by the mad exhortations of their King. "K-killeet, k-kiUeet, make mousa dead, killeet!"At the center of the front rank stood a rat who had been wounded in the first encounter at the Abbey, He whispered out of the comer of his mouth to his comrade-in-arms alongside him, "Huh, leads us, my foot! Last time we attacked he stood well out of the way, back in some meadow."

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Methuselah came shuffling up. With a sigh and a groan he sat down on the grass alongside his Abbot who greeted him courteously.Matthias drew his dagger. He stuck it into the wooden ceiling to steady himself as they halted to look for the next loft door.Cluny might be making promotions. There were now three rat officers on the list of the dead.

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"Good. You did well. I want them kept alive," muttered Cluny as he walked across to the ditch and peered down at the captives.At the tunnel entrance in the ditch, Fangburn and Killconey were madly thrust aside as rats, weasels, ferrets and stoats fought their way out of the tunnel.

An icy claw of fear gripped Matthias's stomach. He sat down hard in the grass.

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Every now and then over (he years Methuselah had searched through Redwall for Martin and his sword. Now he stepped up his questing activities, alas with no success. Vital dues and answers still eluded him. What he needed was a younger, fresher mind to assist him. What a pity that Matthias could not be found. Now there was a young mouse with a head on his shoulders. Long years and much mental strain had taken their toll on the ancient mouse. Wearily he swayed on his feet and, putting out a paw to steady himself, he touched the wall - the exact patch of stone over which Martin's likeness had once hung.The young mouse approached the sparrow with trepidation, not wanting to antagonize the moody, dangerous bird. The Sparra King buckled the collar tightly about Matthias's neck. Scarcely leaving him room to breathe, he attached the lead and laughed aloud. Dutifully the other sparrows laughed with him.Cluny had cursed Fangburn for twenty different kinds of an idiot. Fancy not being able to read, and allowing Sela to write out a message! Imagine letting Chickenhound go free without first getting the scroll read."Young mouse," he called. "You do right to ask this thing, for truly you are looking at Cluny the Scourge."

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Basil strode off in high dudgeon, re-emphasizing his previously forgotten limp. "Dearie me, old lad, no need to be so touchy! Merely making a military observation, y'know."

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"Steady in the ranks there," said the hare quietly. "Keep your eyes peeled for signs of ambush, and no talking now.""And so do I," Jess muttered. "I believe Cluny will be good someday. Good and dead!"

loosen it.

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