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Below the wall was a scene of mass carnage. The ground was littered with the bodies of attackers who had fallen prey to the flames in the ill-starred venture of the siege tower. Surrounded by his captains, Cluny was led down to the safety of the ditch. Apparently unaware of anything about him, he muttered dark words to himself, strange things that others could not comprehend.Methuselah interpreted to Matthias. "Apparently their grandmother was somewhat of an authority on steps such as these. The clever old mole would neither dig nor break them. Evidently she could turn the step over, once she had brushed it."was open.Methuselah nodded in agreement. "You are right, my young friend, but what's to be done?""There's only one thing we can do," replied the stolid Darkclaw. "We've got to carry it through ourselves while the Chiefs not well."

Methuselah shook his head reprovingly. "He still cannot see. Dear me! If the breeze is blowing from the south, then die elm tree would move its leaves and branches in a northerly direction as it has always done. But that particular tree is choosing to disobey nature. It is swaying from east to west This can mean only one thing. Somebody is using that tree for a purpose. At least, that is what I think. Do you agree?"Matthias picked up his weapon. He was surprised at Julian's words. They were an echo of something that his old companion Methuselah had once said to him.Dawn arrived as if it were aware of the previous night's events. Heavy grey skies and steady rain prevailed over Redwall and the Mossflower area.Matthias absently pushed his plate across to the hare. Basil needed no second bidding.

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194"What about you, Constance?"

"You, fox!" Cluny snarled. "Where's the special herb you went to search for?"

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My sword will wield for me.Dunwing patted him with a reassuring claw. "You go getta cHmb rope. Bring here. I show how."Matthias spoke, "I kept my promise to you, Cluny. I came down. Hush now, Friar Hugo. It's all over now. Wipe your eyes."Basil retrieved his apple pie. He munched thoughtfully.

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Matthias stood a safe distance away from the tree. Captain Snow shifted from one foot to the other, muttering huffily, *'Me, in the wrong? Never. I won't apologize to that cat! I refuse to!"

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Matthias followed the baby squirrel through bramble and bush. Whenever he tried to communicate, all that he received was a nod or a shake of the tiny creature's head. They had been traveling for quite a long time. As the pale fingers of dawn crept across the sky Matthias was beginning to doubt that his companion knew the way."We are mice of peace. Oh, I know that Martin was a warrior mouse, but those were wild .days when strength was needed. The strength of a champion such as Martin. He arrived here in the deep winter when the Founders were under attack from many foxes, vermin and a great wildcat. So fierce a fighter was Martin that he faced the enemy single-pawed, driving them mercilessly, far from Mossflower. During the rout Martin fought a great battle against overwhelming odds. He emerged victorious after slaying the wildcat with his ancient sword, which became famous throughout the land. But in the last bloody combat Martin was seriously wounded. He lay injured in the snow until the mice found him. They brought him back to the Abbey and cared for his hurts until he regained his strength.

Asmodeus's eyes glared through the narrow hole in front of him. There were two creatures standing together in the big cavern, a shrew and a mouse. He hissed in anger. The mouse was holding his sword, his own beautiful sword!

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