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"Huh, it's going to be as hot as the hell's furnace, but at least it won't rain," he muttered aloud to himself.The badger sat down with her snout between her paws. "Yes, we've got to think. Anyone got an idea?""Chucking his weight about, shouting orders."The rafters of Cavern Hole rang to the excited buzz and laughter of the assembled creatures: hedgehogs, moles, squirrels, woodland creatures and mice of all kinds - fieldmice, hedgemice, dormice, even a family of poor little churchmice. Kindly helpers scurried about making everybody welcome.

As swiftly as possible Ambrose was hurried to the Abbey infirmary and sick bay. He was attended by the Abbot himself. A hasty diagnosis revealed that the hedgehog was suffering from a long jagged wound that ran from the back of his ear to the tip of his paw. Brother Alf nodded sympathetically.33116Cluny's voice was a strangled yell, "Get him! Grab that spy! I want his head!"

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Would Miss Cornflower like to sit next to him?"Thank you, Constance, my good and faithful friend," the Abbot murmured. He looked about him, shaking his head gravely.Matthias grinned ruefully. "I apologize, sir. I accept your offer of help gratefully, I didn't mean to be rude."

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Matthias's eyes gleamed with a new determination.

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cheeky old hedgehog telling me to run for it. Couldn't go, of course. Dear me, no. That'd never do. Chap deserting his post; bit of a bad show, what, what? I prefer me own company, y'know. Present company excepted, of course."Throughout the long afternoon, Matthias lay hidden at the base of a lilac bush. He was within calling distance of shrews secreted a short distance away, as they were of their neighbors farther along. Fully a half mile of the bank was covered in this fashion. Whoever spotted Asmodeus was to report, after letting one minute elapse, to Matthias, who was positioned roughly at the center of the line. Guosim and Log-a-Log were stationed on either flank.Killconey cackled and slapped his thigh. "Well now, aren't you the big comical rabbit? Let me tell you, my fine gentleman bucko, you won't be hah0 so funny when the Scourge is done with you. No sir!"They sat silent awhile, both racking their brains. Matthias mentioned something that was bothering him as he looked at the graven lines. "What I cannot understand is that sort of dash. Look: '/- am that is.' Do you see, there is a small dash between the words T and 'am.' In fact the same dash occurs three times throughout the rhyme: here, here and here." Matthias pointed."Er, it was like this, Chief," Fangburn stammered. "Me and old Redtooth were keeping our eyes on the fox here, when suddenly Redtooth hears a noise in the woods, so off he goes to investigate."

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A noise from behind distracted the rat. He swiveled around. He found himself facing two huge cauldrons which bubbled and simmered ominously over twin fires. Behind them stood"Bet you won't."Matthias held up the stone and tried shouting above the melee. His voice was lost in the uproar. Angrily, he grabbed the nearest shrew and shouted at him, "Listen, you! Tell me which direction the river is in, or else?

And this time Cluny reckoned that he had hit upon a foolproof plan! He strode across the meadow and hand-picked thirty-odd rats.

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