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But Sela the fox would!Fangbum was completely baffled, but he knew better than to disagree.This last statement sent the young sparrow off into a veritable dance of rage. "Mouse no friend of Warbeak! K-Killee, k-k-killeed"249

321The King munched and chomped greedily on the sweet 玌t, eyeing the packet covetously. "Ha, mouseworm give King alia nuts. Majesty have great things on mind. Me thinka %out, hmmm, letta mouse go freehome.""Are you sure?" said Matthias in astonishment.Constance's back hairs bristled. She gave an angry growl followed by a fierce bark. The mice huddled together with fright. Nobody had ever seen a snarling, angry badger at a Council meeting.

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"I say, Matthias. Where's this giant grayling that you and old Alf hooked, by the claw! I wish that I could land a beauty like that. Nearly a two-pounder, wasn't it?"“Too right, you will,” said Uncle Vernon forcefully. “The Masons don't know anything about

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"It's got to be here somewhere," cried Matthias. He fell upon die injured Shadow, searching his waist pouch.

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The rats tried to circle Matthias. One got too near. A hefty"What? Do you mean Martin, alive and walking about?" said Matthias. "We'd recognize him! Unless, that is, he was disguised as someone else."After Cheesethiefs carcass had been disposed of, Cluny sat beneath an awning that had been improvised from the damaged tent. He watched the armorer diligently repairing his prized war gear and fumed inwardly. His equipment had been battered - and he had lost a valuable Captain. The Redwall19?

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"Look! The shield is reflecting the moonlight back into the sky!"

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"Phut!"Matthias pinned the medal to his habit, telling himself that he might stumble into Captain Snow's territory at any moment. Lulled by the warm sun, cool shade, and birdsong, he trekked onwards, thinking of nothing in particular and enjoying the sense of freedom amid so much beauty.Methuselah wrinkled his nose. "How do the bee folk know there is pollen in a flower? Ask away, young one, before I doze off again."

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