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banks. All that could be seen was the still, dark water, brokenMethuselah shook his head. "That is a thing no creature knows. For many long years now I have puzzled and pored over ancient manuscripts, translating, following hidden trails, always with the same result: nothing. 1 have even used my gift of tongues, speaking to the bees and others who can go into places too small for us, but always it is the same - rumors, legends and old mouse tales.""Do any of you know where a healer can be found? I don't mean one like those mice. I need a creature that knows the old ways, a gypsy, one who can cure anything for the right price.""That may be," replied the Abbot. "But it would be churlish to begrudge Basil's requests. After all, he did recapture our tapestry from Cluny. It was a very daring deed."

and special knowledge of the kindly mice? All knew that they owed their very existence to the Abbot and his community. Healing, aid, food, shelter and good advice were granted to all. Now was the time to unite and repay, to give any help that was possible. Before much longer Redwall would require the skills and knowledge of all its woodland allies. They would be gratefully given!A heart-rending moan arose from the shrews in the undergrowth.I - am that is.

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Had the mind of Cluny the Scourge finally snapped?

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- can tell Cluny when he awakes full of pain with festering

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Cluny's voice was a strangled yell, "Get him! Grab that spy! I want his head!"

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"Young mouse," he called. "You do right to ask this thing, for truly you are looking at Cluny the Scourge.""How are we supposed to cross this lot?" he asked.

"It all has to do with Martin's sword," Matthias explained. "You see, one of their kings stole the sword from the north point of the vane on the Abbey roof. That was many years ago. From there the sword has been passed down through sparrow kings until it came into the claws of the late King Bull Sparra."

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