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The loud toll of the distant Joseph Bell brought Cluny whirling back from the realms of nightmare to cold reality. He shivered, wiping the sweat from his fur with a shaky daw. Saved by the bell.witless mob of mice. Now Martin is mine, it is more fitting that he travels at the head of real warriors. He will lead us to victory!""Why pick on a small mouse? Surely a big strong rat like you can deal with an old badger? Come on, try me for size."The two mole brothers respectfully tugged their noses to Foremole before answering:To his surprise he found it quite large and dry, with a thick carpet of dead grass and leaves. It was dismally dark, but still, it was the best place at a moment's notice. He would be quite invisible and safe from detection. Let them try and find him33SEvery creature standing on the ramparts twitched with fright as the loud voice of the Joseph Bell rang out, and John Churchmouse shouted from his position high in the belfry, "They're coming, down the road! I can see them. I can see them!"

56"Where's Scragg the weasel?" Cluny growled."Two pails of good, fine, slick vegetable oil," Jess announced. "The minute they drop the battering ram, we'll tip this down all over it. Let's see them try to break a door with it then!"oncoming fox.- 玱uld see your lovely rope now!" Ragear straightened up for

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in"No fear, I'm only a ferret. You're a naturally superior rat. You'd better go first."Cluny had lost an eye.

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Basil picked up a worn and discarded sandal. He undid the foot strap. Threading the dagger and sheath along the strap, he fastened it around Sam's waist."Harr, warra you'm be about, a layin' in yon road?"

Methuselah coughed and cleaned his spectacles on his habit. "Harrumph. Er, yes, well, I apologize. Now please tell me what you have discovered."

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The mouse, the shrew and the sparrow plunged off into the green wooded world of Mossflower together.Together they slunk off down the ditch, running crouched over to the south-east corner of the wall where it was relatively quiet. Keeping noise down to a minimum, Cluny ordered his troops to bring forward the siege tower. Straining and pushing, the rat soldiers trundled the tall contraption from its woodland hiding place. The going was even harder across the short space of soft meadow ground. Cluny himself lent a claw, pulling on one of the lead ropes. He tugged mightily, causing the cumbersome tower to sway dangerously as it bumped over grassy hillocks.While Log-a-Log held the rock from closing, Matthias peered into the hole. It was a long dark tunnel sloping down the side of the quarrystone.Despite the danger of the enterprise, the young mouse actually enjoyed the ride across the river on the tree trunk. Several of the shrews dug lines out of their packs and fished successfully, amassing quite a tidy little catch before the ferry nosed into the opposite bank with a gentle bump. The shrews disembarked and Matthias helped Log-a-Log to conceal the ferry in some bulrushes.Cluny grabbed Plumpen roughly, dragging him away from his fellow captives on the ground.

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Matthias passed a miserable few minutes in the nest with Warbeak. When the false news broke, the young sparrow would have to fly along with King Bull and the other Sparra warriors. The two friends might never see each other again.

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270And the head of Asmodeus Poisonteeth, the giant adder, lay severed upon the ground, its eyes dulled in death, never again to hypnotize another living creature!Cluny ranted and swore. Leaving his standard, he rushed across the meadow. Taking the ditch in a single leap, he darted across the road. Grasping a hanging rope he began hauling himself up, claw over claw. As the solitary beaver gnawed through the last strands, the rope parted. Cluny fell from a fair height and sprawled on the dusty road in an undignified heap.

The defenders had the advantage. This soon became clear when a platoon of otters on the ramparts unloosed a rattling fusillade of heavy pebbles. Pandemonium broke out in the vanguard of Cluny's horde, with cries of agony as the pebbles found their marks. One stone actually struck Cluny's helmet.

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