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by sentries. Once at the church he would discover where the piece of tapestry was kept; then he would create a diversion of some kind. While Cluny's horde was occupied he would snatch the tapestry and get back to Redwail with all speed.Abbot Mortimer lay in the cloister gardens surrounded by his mice and woodland friends. Everyone was there, from Queen Warbeak and Log-a-Log to Cornflower and Silent Sam, down to the humblest mouse. The poison barb on Cluny's tail had done its deadly work. The Father Abbot was dying."Nice, good belt. Mouse know of great sword?"Matthias gave the loft door a strong shove upwards and slid it to one side. He covered his eyes and coughed as the dust of ages poured down upon his head.187Sitting comfortably propped up on pillows, Cluny sipped a beaker of barley wine as he listened to the improbable tale spun by Sela and Fangburn. They both fidgeted nervously during the course of their deceitful narrative, trying desperately not to contradict one another, while at the same time avoiding the cold impassive eye of the Warlord.Dunwing attempted to press for justice. "King eat gift. Now mouse go free?"

Then suddenly the little fellow pointed to the east with his paw. In the distance Matthias could make out the shape of the Abbey.The eye filmed over again as the snake carried on withSlowly they repeated the line together, "'At night, when day's first hour.'"

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Winifred and Abbot Mortimer sat by the bed in the sick bay. They kept up their vigil until Chickenhound regained consciousness. The fox whimpered. He gazed around at the homely little room.Cornflower was making such faces that Matthias was about to silence Basil, when Methuselah popped in at the door. He beckoned urgently to Matthias. Hastily the young mouse excused himself and left. Basil leaned closer to Cornflower. He smiled roguishly.

They ventured cautiously into the long sloping passage, digging in their heels to prevent themselves sliding right down as Guosim probably had done. On reaching the bottom they stood awhile to let their eyes become accustomed to the gloom. The floor leveled out. The tunnel was high and broad enough to allow them to walk side by side without stooping. As they walked further, Log-a-Log pointed at strange symbols and weird signs that had been scraped into the surface of the soft stone. Though the quarry tunnels were natural, they had obviously been the lairs of generations of serpents; most of the signs were of a reptilian nature. The friends pressed onwards until the passage broadened out into a small chamber with two more tunnels leading from it.

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The three friends laughed until tears streamed down their cheeks. Methuselah held his sides as he spoke between gusts of merriment. "I say, Constance - ha ha ha - you old fogey - oh ha ha ha tee hee! - you'd better come along with us - ha ha ho ho oooh! - Matthias is a bit old for this sort of thing! Hahahahahahaha.""War wound," Basil muttered as he demolished a plateful of quince and elderberry pie. "Got to keep the old strength up, y'know. Lashings of nourishment; only way to heal an honorable injury. Feed it, what, what!"Methuselah gave her a severe stare over the top of his glasses. "My dear Constance, kindly do not pour scorn on things you know nothing of. Leave it to those with specialized knowledge."

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"Did you find out where he is?"

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Basil snatched the tapestry and reached beneath his tunic. He gave Jess the crude replica they had prepared, which was in reality an old dishcloth from Friar Hugo's kitchen.Matthias waited for a glimpse of the sword, but Jess was not halfway down when a shout of consternation arose from the crowd below.The hare slapped his "injured" leg, winced, then laughed aloud. "Think so? I know so! Do you imagine that old mouse sacrificed his life so that you could lie about feeling sorry for yourself? Huh, he'd have told you himself. That's not the way of a warrior. Get up, sir, stir yourself, make Methuselah proud of you!"


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