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Brother Alf knelt before the Abbot.old rogue."Sparra folk knew nothing of the firemaker's art. By day the court was illuminated by sunlight that streamed in through the cracked and broken slates and slanted up through the eaves. All food was eaten uncooked, worms and small insects providing the main diet. The Sparra did not discriminate between different species of insects. All came under the genera] heading of "worm." Thus a sparrow might make a meal of a butterfly or a grasshopper and refer to it as "wormfeed." "Worm" was also used to denote an enemy or a coward or anything alien to the Sparra. Fresh flowers and tender shoots of vegetation were used to supplement the worm diet, also berries and whatever fruit a Sparra could carry in flight. Matthias was grateful for this. He abhorred the idea of eating live worms or dead insects.The hare slapped his "injured" leg, winced, then laughed aloud. "Think so? I know so! Do you imagine that old mouse sacrificed his life so that you could lie about feeling sorry for yourself? Huh, he'd have told you himself. That's not the way of a warrior. Get up, sir, stir yourself, make Methuselah proud of you!"Then suddenly the little fellow pointed to the east with his paw. In the distance Matthias could make out the shape of the Abbey.Neither of them was aware of the inquisitive, beaked face of a sparrow who watched them from the corner of a stained-glass window. It noted the would-be intruders, then flew off.

"I wish it were that simple, my friend," Log-a-Log replied. "The land around the quarry offers no concealment; too flat and bare. Poisonteeth is full of ancient cunning too. He may have a secret entrance outside the quarry itself. I think it is best we wait here. I'll spread the comrades out in a line. We'll all keep watch."319behind you. We'll make good time in this cool night air."Again the owl had difficulty in controlling his unbridled hilarity. "Ha ha ha! The nerve of him! All right, my little warrior! It's a bet. Name your promises."Without replying or showing any sign of alarm whatsoever, die Abbot arose. Walking calmly over to the gatehouse wall, he beckoned silently to Constance. The badger descended the steps. She held a whispered conference with the Abbot, nodding in the direction of the elm. Less than a minute later, Constance, accompanied by Winifred the otter, Ambrose Spike and a few others, padded carefully along the top of the wall, taking great pains not to be seen.

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"Wait. Look at the Abbey roof," Constance murmured. "The beam cuts right across the top gable. I can see the weather vane as clearly as if it were day."

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Scumnose shook his head vigorously. "Oh no. Chief. We're keeping 'em nice and fresh in the ditch there. D'you want to see *em? ! think there's about twenty, all told."

"Grab that big skinny rabbit, lads."

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The commands continued unabated. Enemy soldiers fell stricken on the road, Darkclaw rushed about bringing up reinforcements.Not normally given to anger, the Abbot stared Cluny in the eye, his face a mask of cold fury.'Who says that I am dead

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"Look, mouse!" he called. "See, I've got your little fat friend. Ha, I won't have to climb those stairs after all. Throw the sword down or I'll spike him like a lollipop."

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Both shrews trembled visibly. Guosim's voice had risen an octave. "Matthias, you must be crazy! Don't you know what you're walking into? Captain Snow . . . why, you'd be just a snack to him. And as for the other one - Giant Ice Eyes - who could even go near him? He eats as many shrews as he wants. No living creature can stop the poison-teeth!"The Abbot slapped a paw down on the plans. "It is all here, but as I have said before, I will not concern myself with the fighting of a war. It is my task to heal the injured and give sustenance to the defenders. It is the duty of you, my generals, to plan the repulse of this invasion."15

The three friends laughed until tears streamed down their cheeks. Methuselah held his sides as he spoke between gusts of merriment. "I say, Constance - ha ha ha - you old fogey - oh ha ha ha tee hee! - you'd better come along with us - ha ha ho ho oooh! - Matthias is a bit old for this sort of thing! Hahahahahahaha."

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