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Far off in Mossflower Wood, the night breezes stirred the treetops gently. The moon rode in a cloudless sky. Its pale light filtered through the waving foliage to create the beautiful but strange effect of a shimmering, swaying carpet on the woodland floor.Cluny lifted his visor to get a better view. It was too late to call out against what he saw happen next.Missiles from the wall had slackened off, giving Cluny's horde a chance to desert the ditch for the relative safety of the meadows. Cluny appeared well satisfied for the moment. He called Killconey to his side.ditch, so he scuttled off down the road in the opposite direction from the way they had come.Martin's voice was warm and friendly. "Matthias, 1 am that is. Stay! Beware of Asmodetis."Methuselah translated the curious mole dialect. "Foremole said, the fourth step upwards is the same as the fourth step down, that much we already know. Then he consulted the two mole brothers, Walt and Doby. It seems the step is the same as one found by their grandmother when she was exploring an old-fashioned castle or fortification. Moles are very sensible creatures, you know, and ! think they have the answer to our problem."

"Come with me then," said Alf. "I've got work to do. There's all the fishing nets to be laid for the night. Perhaps you'd like to come along and help me?"It was a circle cut into the stone."So Redtooth went off to see what the noise was," Sela faltered. "We told him not to go, sir, but he insisted.""Come on down, mouse, Cluny the Scourge is waiting for you," he cried.

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Matthias replied in a small sad voice, "Please, Basil, leave me alone. I've lost Methuselah. I don't want to speak to anyone." Basil hopped nimbly across and perched on Matthias's bed. "There, there, young feller m'lad. Don't you think I know how you feel? Good grief, an old campaigner like me? When I think of the chums I lost in bygone battles . . . Good and true friends they were, but I taught meself to keep a stiff upper whisker, y'know."Dunwing smiled through her tears. "Matthias be good mouse."The last rays of the sinking sun streamed through the open barn doorway, lighting up formerly darkened corners. Matthias lay on the hay amid the remnants of an epic celebration feast. The Guerrilla Union of Shrews in Mossflower had really outdone themselves laying out this spread. He picked up a truffle and tossed it away with a sigh of satisfaction, fearing he might burst if he forced another bite into his mouth.

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The ferret stood awkwardly, ill at ease, awaiting orders. Cluny sat unmoving, as if he had forgotten Killconey's presence. The ferret tried once more.Take on my mighty role.

"We'll need every available defender," Constance murmured. "No need to cause a panic, but this looks like a full-scale assault. The fox's warning was true."

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Basil went into a speedy run. He cleared the fencetop at a bound and tapped the nearest rat on the back."Indeed I did, Father Abbot. My badger senses told me right off that these were very bad and evil rats."The badger shrugged wearily. "A lot of them tried to escape. We didn't really stop them. They managed to unbar the main gate and ran out into the road. There were a big ginger cat and a white owl waiting for them. Hell's whiskers! I've never seen anything like it!"hedgehog thanked her profusely, hoping that there might be seconds after the others had been served.

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"Cut out that cringing," he said contemptuously. "You are my prisoners to do with as I like. Oh, don't worry. I won't let them kill you yet. I've got other more useful things in mind. You, Plumpen, or whatever your name is, tell your tribe that they won't be harmed as long as you do what I say. For the present you are to stay down there under guard. Scumnose, Mangefur!"

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After issuing orders to his remaining captains, Cluny, accompanied by a score of assorted rats, weasels, stoats and ferrets, crept off along the course of the ditch. They carried with them the long plank from St. Ninian's lych-gate fence. Silently they traveled in a northerly direction, until they were out of sight of the walls. Climbing out of the ditch, they crossed the road into Mossflower Wood.The Sparra Queen Warbeak has appointed herself deputy to Friar Hugo. She shows a great interest in the culinary arts, though I fear she will grow quite fat before too long. Lady Cornflower is out in the meadows with Mrs. Churchmouse, my wife, and Dunwing, the Sparra Queen Mother. They are gathering Jlowers for the tables. All about me the June sunshine is like liquid gold!

Matthias whistled. "Well, the crafty old sparrow! But how am I going to get back down? Do you think you could fly me down in some way? You are bigger than Warbeak?

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