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"Good grief, shouldn't think a blaggard like you ever had a mother," Basil sniffed disdainfully.74With her heart hammering at the surprise attack and her predicament, Warbeak realized that she was completely at the mercy of her captor. Burdened with the brick, she had no chance of flying. As she hung flapping uselessly, Matthias called down, "Make up your mind! My paws are getting tired. This lead's beginning to slip."When the owl had finished arguing with himself, Matthias called out, "Cap'n Snow, sir, there is a question that I must ask you."330"You, sir, are not fit to command any creature! You are a coward and an evil maniac. Even if my paws were not tied I would think twice before soiling them upon the likes of you. Tcha! You are beneath contempt, you . . . you ... . Rat!"Cluny heard. He came to the edge of the pulpit. Grasping the sides of the lectern he surveyed his small congregation like some satanic minister.

Cluny was up and about. His first decision was to put the horde through their paces. He had decided that they had become fat and lazy from lying about in the church grounds while he was confined to bed, but now that he was on the mend they were going to do some drill. Standing on a tombstone, he leaned slightly upon his standard and viewed the army in training.Matthias gave the loft door a strong shove upwards and slid it to one side. He covered his eyes and coughed as the dust of ages poured down upon his head.The badger bowed low in a dignified manner, gesturing with her massive blunt paw. "The floor is yours, Father Abbot.""But what about hostages for safe conduct?" hissed Red-tooth."Listen to me," she roared. "I know that Log-a-Log is a wise elder, but I am president of our union, conirades. The mouse hasn't told us where he is going."

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Constance and the beaver shared a stack of enemy spears. They returned them with frightening power and devastating aim.It was only seconds later that Matthias wished he had also been on the alert.Chickenhound waved the flag. He went into a bout of uncontrollable sniggering. "Right, I've got the message, fat one! Be sure your Abbot brings lots of valuables with him. Goodbye, old greyback."

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There was no doubt in Matthias's mind. It was a rat, entirely black from tip to tail, barely distinguishable from the night itself."Certainly," replied Julian. "Snow lives in a hollow tree

The wretched rat soldier lay shaking on the churchyard path. A hush fell across the entire horde. He stared beseechingly into the merciless eye of Cluny.

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Matthias turned his face to the wall, bereft of any tears or lamentation after the stresses of the experience he had recently come through. The death of his old and valued friend left a feeling like a large leaden lump inside his chest. He curled up and tried to hide within himself.That evening the Joseph Bell rang out a message of sadness and grief to Redwall Abbey.The ferret gingerly touched the tip of his swollen nose.Warbeak had been caught napping. She came to life in an irate mood. "Worms, all worms, you old mouseworm! Stay 'way, Warbeak killee!""Not the sort of thing one expects from a horde commander, what! Personally I'd have you blackballed from the church premises."

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Feeling slightly abashed, Matthias and Constance looked pleadingly towards the Abbot for support. Abbot Mortimer's old face was stem as he shook the bell vigorously for silence.Matthias spluttered with uncontrolled rage. "Dunwing, how you letta stupid oaf be King of Sparra?" he choked. ; The mother sparrow shushed soothingly and dragged Matthias off to the safety of her nest.Sparra folk knew nothing of the firemaker's art. By day the court was illuminated by sunlight that streamed in through the cracked and broken slates and slanted up through the eaves. All food was eaten uncooked, worms and small insects providing the main diet. The Sparra did not discriminate between different species of insects. All came under the genera] heading of "worm." Thus a sparrow might make a meal of a butterfly or a grasshopper and refer to it as "wormfeed." "Worm" was also used to denote an enemy or a coward or anything alien to the Sparra. Fresh flowers and tender shoots of vegetation were used to supplement the worm diet, also berries and whatever fruit a Sparra could carry in flight. Matthias was grateful for this. He abhorred the idea of eating live worms or dead insects.

The eye filmed over again as the snake carried on with

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