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"Oh, pretty much the standard kind used by warriors," Matthias replied. "A round steel affair with hand- and arm-holds.""Shut your mouth, ferret," Cluny said sourly. "Get me some sort of a command post rigged up here. Cheesethief, where are the gangs with that battering ram?"J74The King sprang in among his warriors, scattering them Kke chaff. They cowered before him as he shouted out a new edict. "Foolworms! Stop! King say no killee mouse! We have Sparra word of my sister's eggchick."Cluny sneered. "Aah, they'll get over it and suffer worse by the time I'm done with them. They're getting too fat and sluggish, by the tripes! They'd not last five minutes in a storm at sea. Come on, you dead-and-alive ragbags! Get up here and gather 'round."Cluny was a resourceful rat. He often wished that his army thought as he did instead of being just a mob of incompetents. But then, if the horde were as clever as he was, there would be no need of a leader. Such was life, he reflected. Nobody could think up a new strategy as he could.

The champion squirrel climbed gamely onwards. Normally she would not have attempted the climb under such blowy conditions. She concentrated hard on the ascent. Matthias's voice had not reached her across the vagrant wind, but someone had heard the young mouse's shouts: King Bull Sparra!The Abbot put his paw around the young mouse's shoulder, sensing his secret yearnings, for he had ruled Red-wall wisely over a great number of years and gained much experience of mouselife. He smiled down at his young charge and spoke kindly to him. "Come with me, Matthias. It is time we talked together.""The Great Rodent Wall!"1 "Mayhaps they've been at the October ale a little too much, ; Father Abbot," said the hedgehog. nike offical site

Seizing his opportunity for revenge, Cheesethief shoved Scragg hard in the back. The weasel dropped like a stone with the plank on top of him. Cluny's followers were kicking at

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Cluny had climbed down from his perch on the tombstone. He stood by the churchyard fence, intent on trying out the whipping powers of his fearsome tail upon a few rats that he had dubbed "the awkward squad." Flexing his long scourge-like tail, he gave a few experimental swishes and cracks as he shouted commands.


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"So be it. I have listened to your counsel and opinions, my dear and trusted friends. Although I yearn for peace, I feel that I must base my judgment on your words, which I know to be true. Therefore my power as Abbot, and any assistance that I can give are yours for the asking. It is my wish that Constance, Matthias, Winifred, Ambrose and Foremole take complete command at Redwall in the event of a second invasion. I will concern myself with aiding the injured and 'feeding the hungry. And now, my friends, I must adjourn this meeting, as I have other matters to attend to. Come, Sam. We must wash those sticky little paws before your parents arrive. Oh, and before I forget, Matthias, Brother Methuselah would like to talk with you. He is in Great Hall."Matthias turned his face to the wall, bereft of any tears or lamentation after the stresses of the experience he had recently come through. The death of his old and valued friend left a feeling like a large leaden lump inside his chest. He curled up and tried to hide within himself.Cluny was up and about. His first decision was to put the horde through their paces. He had decided that they had become fat and lazy from lying about in the church grounds while he was confined to bed, but now that he was on the mend they were going to do some drill. Standing on a tombstone, he leaned slightly upon his standard and viewed the army in training.

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Shadow shifted position and levered with his back legs and tail. Now he wedged his claws into a fissure and stretched upwards, gaining inch by inch.

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The older shrew appeared out of a reed bed, balanced upon a large floating tree trunk which he propelled skillfully with a long pole into the side of the bank. Angrily he sprang ashore, upbraiding Guosim. "Puddenheaded shrew! D'you have to broadcast the fact we're here? Shouting out like a great foghorn! We'd better strike camp and get across now, before someone conies."family. Their paws were tightly bound. Colin Vole huddled piteously on some dirty sacking in a corner, while Mr. Abram Vole and his wife battered away at the door with their paws tied together. Matthias called through the crack to them, "Stop banging! Stay quiet! I'll have you out of there as soon as I can break the lock."

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