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"She'll make it down," Ambrose Spike yelled. "One more good volley should scare them off.""So be it. I have listened to your counsel and opinions, my dear and trusted friends. Although I yearn for peace, I feel that I must base my judgment on your words, which I know to be true. Therefore my power as Abbot, and any assistance that I can give are yours for the asking. It is my wish that Constance, Matthias, Winifred, Ambrose and Foremole take complete command at Redwall in the event of a second invasion. I will concern myself with aiding the injured and 'feeding the hungry. And now, my friends, I must adjourn this meeting, as I have other matters to attend to. Come, Sam. We must wash those sticky little paws before your parents arrive. Oh, and before I forget, Matthias, Brother Methuselah would like to talk with you. He is in Great Hall.""Well, I remember that my old grandad once knew a sea tat," she answered. "Going by his description, I'd say that's what they looked like to me."Matthias called mockingly, "That's because you're afraid. Look, I bet I'll fight Asmodeus and win too."Twixt Hall and Cavern Hole.

108The vole faltered. "But my wife - Colin - the rats have got them."

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Cluny sneered. "Aah, they'll get over it and suffer worse by the time I'm done with them. They're getting too fat and sluggish, by the tripes! They'd not last five minutes in a storm at sea. Come on, you dead-and-alive ragbags! Get up here and gather 'round."198

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"Do you know where that is?"

"No, no! Don't just stand there, Brother! Defend yourself! Hit out at me."

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With her heart hammering at the surprise attack and her predicament, Warbeak realized that she was completely at the mercy of her captor. Burdened with the brick, she had no chance of flying. As she hung flapping uselessly, Matthias called down, "Make up your mind! My paws are getting tired. This lead's beginning to slip."Once more the sound of the Joseph Bell tolling out across the fields from Redwall wakened the Warlord. Fangburn, who was trying to extract a piece of elm branch from his Chiefs chest, leaped backwards in fright as Cluny's eye snapped open inches from his own.

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"But what about hostages for safe conduct?" hissed Red-tooth.

1 "Mayhaps they've been at the October ale a little too much, ; Father Abbot," said the hedgehog. prevpage:is nike a corporation
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