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no more nut."Their leader glanced out at the hedgehog. He scratched some hasty calculations on the wall with his claw, then turned to Matthias. "Oi I think we can get yon 'edgepig back, sur. You'm get us outen the gate and stan' watch."Fangburn took up the tale again. "Well, you see, Chief, he was gone an awful long time. We both called out to him but there was no answer."Cluny flexed his injured tail slowly. "Good, make sure that all the large branches are cut off close to the trunk. It'll make it easier to carry. Now, fox, how about changing these bandages and giving me something to make me sleep tonight.Matthias seated himself to an early breakfast in Cavern Hole: nutbread, apples and a bowl of fresh goatsmilk. Cornflower, along with other woodland creatures granted sanctuary, was sleeping in makeshift quarters provided by the good mice of Redwall. Matthias felt that he had grown up overnight. Duty was a mantle that he had taken willingly upon his shoulders. If there were a threat to Redwall from outside it must be dealt with. The mice of Redwall were peaceful creatures, but that must not be taken as a sign of weakness. Stolidly he munched away as he confronted the problem.

"I wish it were that simple, my friend," Log-a-Log replied. "The land around the quarry offers no concealment; too flat and bare. Poisonteeth is full of ancient cunning too. He may have a secret entrance outside the quarry itself. I think it is best we wait here. I'll spread the comrades out in a line. We'll all keep watch."Log-a-Log came racing up. Matthias shouted to him, "Guosim's in a state of shock! Help me, let's get her into the water."Sela the VixenNeither of them was aware of the inquisitive, beaked face of a sparrow who watched them from the corner of a stained-glass window. It noted the would-be intruders, then flew off.

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There was a crash and a yell, followed by the shocked screams of agonized rats. They milled about in the roadway, dancing in pain as myriads of maddened hornets attacked furiously. Some rats ran off down the road, others hurled themselves into the ditch, pursued by the relentless, stinging insects.wounds and waiting for the Chief to recover seemed to be the order of the day.'f Cornflower voiced the question that was on the mind of

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"Maybe we'd better go and see," suggested Ambrose.261

The grim news was digested in silence by the assembled creatures. Mrs. Churchmouse began sobbing. "Oh dearie me. Did you hear that, m'dear? They must be living in our home at St. Ninian's Church. Oh, whatever shall we do? Our dear little home, full of dreadful rats."

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The mouseworm's belt!47Chickenhound did his best to look sorrowful and outraged as he lied. "Because they killed old Sela, sir. She was my

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A hail of sharp stones and pebbles whizzed upwards, rattling against the masonry as Cluny waved his tail in the meadow below. Taken unawares, several mice were felled and a mole lay stunned.

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"Stop, thief! Stop the fox!"Old Sela had lived on her wits for many years. She was a counterspy by nature. In any dispute or conflict she invariably sold secrets to both sides. It was a dangerous game, but one that she had played well thus far. Her crafty, golden eyes had not been idle for a second since entering Cluny's camp.He tucked the candied chestnuts under his wing, then picked up the collar and lead and beckoned to Matthias. "Mouseworm, come here. You lucky King letta live."

As he crouched in the darkness the young fox decided that the coast was now clear. He could venture out again. Reaching behind, he felt for the sack that contained his first solo haul. Before he left he wanted to fondle his treasures once more,

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