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Dawn revealed a sadly-disorganized horde. Cluny wisely held back his temper. Many of his soldiers looked so demoralized that they were liable to make a run for it and desert. He reasoned that there was little to be gained by adding insult to injury. Seven rats, two ferrets and a stoat lay dead in the ditch. Unable to escape the main body of hornets, they had been stung so many times it had proved fatal.Redtooth got over his surprise quickly. Seeing the badger unarmed, he swished his cutlass through the air and smiled -menacingly.Thump!

The stone was thrust at Matthias.Dunwing served them both some food. Thankfully Matthias noted that she refrained from putting worms and dead insects on his portion. The mother sparrow watched him with soft intelligent eyes. The mouse was about the same age16"Get back up there, you cowards! Jump on to the wall!" he screamed in his madness.

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"Looka this mouseworm," he scoffed. "He not happy that I spare him. You take mouse back to my sister Dunwing. Tell her King say, take care of mouseworm. He give me good gifts, candvnut, belt. Maybe mouse find more gift for good Majesty who let live. Take 'way now. Must get more sleep. Go."

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Redtooth slapped his haunches. He rocked to and fro, sniggering with uncontrolled glee.Matthias turned his back upon the snowy owl and strode off with a string of taunts ringing in his ears."Stand fast," snapped the Captain.

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Cluny's lungs felt as if they were bursting. He realized that he had slowed up and the mouse was getting closer. He tried to put on an extra burst of speed, but his legs would not obey. They ran more and more slowly - more and more heavily. Cluny cursed aloud at his leaden limbs. He saw he was trapped in deep icy mud. For the first time he knew the meaning of mindless fear and panic.It was not long before the tiny harvestmouse archers were bending their bows, sending small pointed shafts darting into the ditch. These, supplemented by the stouter arrows of the fieldmice and the otter slingers, caused many wounds and great discomfort to the would-be attackers, pinning a good number of them down. Morale was low because Cluny had ordered no retaliation until after midday.

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