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Plumpen stood by, anxiously watching the Warlord. At least his family would be safe now. The dormouse had faithfully carried out his part in the dreadful scheme; ClunyBrother Methuselah stood at the gate with the Abbot. He translated fully to each group of creatures the Abbot's message, in turn construing back to the Father Abbot their grateful thanks with pledges of help and loyalty to Redwall Abbey. For what creature had not been freely given the aidThe ancient gatehouse-keeper shrugged his thin shoulders. "The sword must lie buried with Martin. You would have little use for the dusty bones of a bygone hero. A simple deduction, even for one as old as I am."

slipped and fell down a hidden gap between the bales. Scrambling and clutching, he plunged down to the floor.Constance's free paw snapped the herb pouch from the fox's belt. She shook the contents out on to the stump. Grabbing the copy of Cluny's invasion plans she studied it briefly, then stuffed it into her belt.Methuselah interpreted to Matthias. "Apparently their grandmother was somewhat of an authority on steps such as these. The clever old mole would neither dig nor break them. Evidently she could turn the step over, once she had brushed it."

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"Matthias, Matthias."He had lain down in the Churchmouses* bed for a well-earned rest while his army was going about its allotted tasks. He should never have tried to sleep on an empty stomach, but weariness overcame his hunger.

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A gasp arose from the crowd. Cluny's tail fell from his grasp as both victors and vanquished turned towards die Abbey whence the voice had issued.

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King Bull Sparra crammed the last candied chestnuts into his beak and chomped with evident enjoyment.The Abbot sighed. "It is as it was meant to be. Is Brother Alf nearby?"

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Matthias followed the baby squirrel through bramble and bush. Whenever he tried to communicate, all that he received was a nod or a shake of the tiny creature's head. They had been traveling for quite a long time. As the pale fingers of dawn crept across the sky Matthias was beginning to doubt that his companion knew the way.


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