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Cluny was being borne upon the plank in the midst of his army. Redtooth, who was still disguised in the Warlord's battle-armor, had draped a blanket over Cluny to hide him and keep up the masquerade. But nobody was fooled! Both sides of the wall had heard the tale of misadventure in all itsChins went up, heads tilted back, the crowd below followed the ascent of the plucky Jess Squirrel. By this time she seemed to the watchers to be rapidly diminishing in size as she forged upwards.Between them, Matthias and Brother Alf had caught and landed a fully-grown grayling. They had fought and played the big fish for nearly two hours, finally wading into the shallows and dragging it to the bank. It was nearly two pounds in weight, a tribute to Brother AlPs angling skills combined with the youthful muscles of Matthias and their joint enthusiasm.A slight noise at his back caused Matthias to wheel about with die dagger upraised. He found himself confronted by a baby red squirrel. It gazed up at him curiously, sucking noisily on its paw. Matthias practically dropped the dagger through laughing so much. So, this was the nameless terror that stalked the night?through the treetops. What an action-packed day it had been!"Matthias be sick in head?" she inquired.Matthias began to apologize for his ignorance, but the mother sparrow cut him short. "Dunwing think plan; pay 'tention now. Me send Warbeak to tell old gatemouse, how you call? 'Athuselah? Good. My eggchick she tell old mouse to getta big red squirrel; bring plenty climbrope; when she see you on roof she climb up, help Matthias mouse down."

The Abbot beckoned urgently, "Cornflower, give me that lantern, child. Quickly!"The sparrow tapped him with her claw. "Why not Matthias cut Warbeak free? Then fly with Sparra wings and open little worm door."Immediately Matthias scrambled about on all fours, hastily trying to stuff nuts back into the basket as he muttered clumsy apologies, avoiding the stern gaze of his elder.morning conference. He took his seat and looked around the table. There were Constance, Ambrose, Winifred, Foremole, the Abbot, and also his friend the baby squirrel. He stood on a stool, dipping his paw into a bowl of milk and honey, sucking it with noisy enjoyment."A wise observation, Constance, but you try telling that to Cluny and his horde. See how far you get."

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"First rank, forward again. Fire!"Warbeak scowled but made no comment. She knew Methuselah spoke the truth. The brick was like an anchor against her leg.?almost at the cost of your life?"

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After Warbeak had related her story she became grave. "Matthias, Redwall have big trouble. We watch, see from roof. Ratworm make lotta plans, mice brave warriors. Alia time fight back, beat ratworms plenty. But Warbeak watch ratworm King. He badworse than King Bull. Him make bad plan, catch Abbey. Ratworm soon be inside Redwall. Matthias mouse come quick. Bring sword."was open.

The young mouse bowed his head. "But Majesty, me got

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Cluny the Scourge anxiously awaited the arrival of darkness. One of his three plans had reached fruition a lot earlier than he had expected.There was just no talking to some creatures."Ah yes, the catering staff/' said Basil. "Er, harrumph! The other injured warrior here and myself would be greatly obliged for a little sustenance. Nothing too grand, y'know; just something for our poor wounded teeth to nibble on. Got to keep body and fur together, what, what?"Constance stood tall, her huge paws folded. "Redtooth, isn't it? I see you still remember me from your defeat at the wall. I told you then we had a score to settle."

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Matthias stepped out of hiding, rubbing his hands - it had been a strain holding the branch back for so long. Uncoiling Shadow's climbing rope, he bound Ragear paw and claw to a sturdy oak. The young mouse could not afford to wait around for the rat to regain his senses. There was still a deal of traveling to be done. He pressed onwards, leaving his senseless enemy bound to the tree.

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"Never mind that nonsense," it replied in a gruff voice. "Who are you? Why are you trespassing on shrew land?"Matthias took a group of Redwall mice to instruct in the use of the quarter staff- he had discovered in himself a natural skill with the long ash pole. None of the mice had ever competed in any type of violent sport; they were awkward and timid. But as it was a personal choice between learning cudgel and wrestling from Constance or quarter staff from Matthias, to a mouse they had opted for the latter.Further speculation was curtailed by the appearance of Matthias. With him were half a dozen moles.

Chickenhound finally exhaled a long sigh of relief. Once again the newly self-titled overlord of crime had outsmarted a couple of mere animals. Who on earth did they think they were? When word got around of his daring exploits other creatures would come to him, foxes perhaps. Yes, he could see it all, Chickenhound at the head of a band of robber foxes, plundering and thieving wherever the whim took him. Of course he would change his name to a title more fitted to his position: Redflash, or Nightfang, or maybe Mousedeath. Yes, he liked the sound of that, Mousedeath! His band of minions would admire him, telling each other tales of his astonishing deeds, convinced that the mysterious Mousedeath had always been an infamous thief, unaware of his humble beginnings as Chickenhound, son of Old Sela.

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