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344Ambrose Spike scratched his stomach speculatively. "True, Jess, neither would I. But mayhap he has vital information, otherwise why would he drag himself'ere in this state?""But why Stag?" Matthias inquired.Cluny snapped the battered visor down on his war helmet. He rapped Kilkoney on his shoulder.

Matthias's paws quivered with the strain of hauling up his own body weight. He strove gallantly upwards, reaching the gutter. It took all the young mouse's courage to let go of the rope and grab for the thin curving edge. Nerving himself, he did it in one clean move, clamping his paws heavily into die weatherworn sandstone groove. Under the unexpected weight it crumbled and broke!The two friends thankfully accepted food from Cornflower and her helpers. Both watched, mystified as Winifred the otter and Foremole hoisted and pulled a seesaw into view.

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Down long ages the beautiful old Abbey had stood for happiness, peace and refuge to all. Diligent mice tended the neat little vegetable patches which every season gave forth an abundance of fresh produce: cabbages, sprouts, marrows, turnips, peas, carrots, tomatoes, lettuces and onions, all in their turn. Flowerbeds, heady and fragrant with countless varieties of summer blooms from rose to humble daisy, were planted by the mice and husbanded by the hard-working bee folk, who in their turn rewarded Redwall with plentiful supplies of honey and beeswax.

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Cluny massed his forces in the roadside ditch opposite Red-wall Abbey. He stood well back in the meadow behind the ditch, surrounded by his captains. Here, where he was out of range, he could direct the entire operation.

Abbot Mortimer called order by ringing a small bell.

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Cornflower's parents sat inside the cart, her mum helping Mrs. Churchmouse with the little ones, while her dad chatted away with John Churchmouse as they shared a pipe of old bracken twist.The sly fox blustered. "But my good rats, surely you must

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Methuselah rapped the table with a bony paw. "Of course I would. It's the only sensible course to take."226

Silently parting the ferns, they gazed in horror at the dreadful scene around the base of the elm tree. Among the dead animals that lay stretched in unnatural attitudes was a badly injured weasel. He was moaning and twitching fit-fally.

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