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Matthias laughed in open relief. "Well, let's get started, friend Log-a-Log. We've got an adder to fight and a sword to win!"

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Four rats lay dead near the wall, and Killconey's drum stood unattended in the road. Basil Stag Hare sniffed dryly.

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; of one mouse in particular called Martin the Warrior. . . ."

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"Sparra law say King must killee mouseworm, but me good Majesty. No killee mouse. Give belt to King."After a while the sparrows drifted off, some to their nests, others to hunt worms. A chosen few went with the King to play three feathers, a popular Sparra gambling game of which Bull Sparra was very fond. Dunwing and her daughter led the dancing mouse off to their nest at the rear of the court under the farthest eaves.Matthias screamed aloud in agonized terror as the King's beak buried itself into his shoulder. Instinctively he lashed out with his free paw and struck Bull Sparra in the eye. The furious claws almost lifted Matthias from the weather vane as the King gripped the belt, trying to drag it ofFhim. Letting go of the vane, Matthias battered at Bull Sparra's head with both paws. He felt his feet leave the roof as the maddened sparrow heaved away at the belt, causing the scabbard to become disarranged. It flapped down across the young mouse's face.

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