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Basil finished his ale and yawned. "Now get some sleep, Matthias. I'm fagged out after that snack. My old honorable war wound is beginning to play me up. I must have a bit of a snooze.""Indeed it would, and the troops would take new heart."A rat pushed him heavily to the ground.317In spite of his advanced years, Methuselah gripped Matthias's paw and ran so fast that the younger mouse.had difficulty in keeping up.263beneath the heavy ladders that had fallen. The air resounded with screams and moans.

"Hush. Let's hear what Walt and Doby have to say," whispered Methuselah.Trembling, Matthias took refuge in an old beech trunk that had once been riven by lightning. Gradually he became critical of himself again: the great warrior, frightened of the dark like a baby churchmouse. From somewhere overhead he heard aThe covering of dead moonlit vegetation on the ground trembled and rustled. What better cover than a light breeze and a hunter's moon? Glittering black eyes searched the night, a forked tongue tasted the air, the small living plants appeared to shudder as the long scaly body brushed by them, trailing its way along.The statement caused an immediate hullaballoo. Bull Sparra flapped his wings once and quiet descended. He cocked his head to one side, assessing this bold young intruder.Guosim was seated upon the open ground, her eyes wide with fright, teeth chattering madly, her whole body trembling tike a leaf.

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Basil had a hammerlock on a rat. He swung him and knocked two more flat on the ground. He winked at Matthias.114Meanwhile, in another part of Mossflower Wood, Sela sneaked along looking from left to right. There was the three-topped oak, there was the Abbey wall. Ah, here it was, the old stump.

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Dunwing patted him with a reassuring claw. "You go getta cHmb rope. Bring here. I show how."?almost at the cost of your life?"

"Your son, ha. That's a good one! I'll tell you what I want, mouse. I want it all. The lot. Everything. Do you hear me?"

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When he had finished writing, Cluny pushed the parchment under his pillow, taking care to leave just a small corner of it jutting out. His officers would be too slow and dull to notice it - a tiny scrap of parchment showing from beneath the pillow. Even if they should, they would attach no importance to it.Cheesethief tucked in with satisfaction. Redtooth used to, so why not he? It was his entitlement as Cluny's second-in-command. He sprawled languidly in the Warlord's chair, tilting it and resting his feet on the map-strewn camp table, happy in the knowledge that his destiny was being fulfilled. He secretly hoped that it would start raining heavily, then the rest of the army would recognize his exalted position when they were outside getting soaked, while he was snug and dry inside the tent.to take a mouse as prey. She was a fierce, frightening bird. Have you ever been close up to a sparrowhawk? No, of course you haven't. Well, let me tell you, they can hypnotize small creatures with those savage golden eyes. Born killers, they are. But this hawk said something that made me think. She talked of the sparrows, called diem winged mice, said that many years ago they had stolen something from our Abbey: a treasure that belonged to the mice. Wouldn't say what it was. Just flew off. Huh, who expects gratitude from a sparrowhawk, anyway?"He was still alive!"Why, you old pair of relics! It wouldn't take me two ticks to bring you some warm milk and tuck you in your own beds. Then I'd be free to get on with the job myself."

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It was mid-afternoon. The common was peaceful and sunny; butterflies perched on thistle flowers and grasshoppers serenaded each other with their ceaseless cadences. Abram Vole insisted on shaking Matthias by the paw and congratulating

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A halt was called at lunchtime on the banks of a slow, broad river.At night, when day's first hourHe was big, and tough; an evil rat with ragged fur and curved, jagged teeth. He wore a black eyepatch; his eye had been torn out in battle with a pike.

It appeared to hang in space for a second, then it dropped like a massive stone.

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