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a makeshift tent. At least the ferret was good for something."Seize him!" Cluny screamed.Paws went up: Log-a-Log counted them. Exactly half of those present. He called for those against, and took another count.ing this had made Cheesethief redouble his efforts. He worked the rat crews like a slave driver. No rodent dared complain about one whom the Chief held in such high regard."D'you know much about birds?" Log-a-Log said. "What about sparrows?"

"We must do something," he panted. "There must be some way to escape the snake. Get hold of yourself, shrew. Think!"

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"Oh, what's the use?" he cried. "It's gone, all gone! There's only bits of half-finished food, old slates, butterfly wings, and this stupid old chair."Some said that Cluny was a Portuguese rat. Others said he came from the jungles far across the wide oceans. Nobody knew for sure.

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Cluny toyed with the beaker. His eye bored into the fox.

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Methuselah breathed upon his glasses, polishing them on his fur. "Really, it's thanks to Sister Germaine for keeping such fastidious records, young mouse. Now, here's where you'll start."170Warbeak handed the lead to her mother. "This Dunwing; she mother. Good Sparra; not hurt mouse. See!"The paw-sucking continued without comment.

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Across the top of the parapet a ramshackle wooden platform had appeared as if from nowhere. Perched on top of it, ready to spring, was a villainous-looking rat with a cutlass clenched between his teeth.

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