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Gradually the day drew to a close. Lights dimmed as Redwall prepared for a well-deserved night's rest. The meadowland and woods grew quiet and peaceful. On top of the walls, sentries leaned on the parapet listening to the evening bird-songs. Across the meadows the enemy campfires burned low into the soft June night."And how many would you say there were of these rats?" Father Abbot asked.

Again Constance dropped behind the parapet. She hammered her paws loudly against the stones. Standing up, she watched the terrified Chickenhound racing off down the road in a cloud of dust.123The young sparrow launched herself off the ridge. She went into a series of zooming circles and performed a few acrobatic turns for her companion's benefit."Yurr, missie, they ratten varments be a-comm' up'n two days, oi'll reckern. Gar! We'm give em owd 'arry if n they shows thurr 'eads."

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The old gatehouse-keeper sneezed as he brushed more dust from the lettering on the wall. "All in good time, young mouse! Here, make yourself useful. You brush the dust off the words while I ink them in. Between us we'll soon get it done.""Or sparrows," giggled the hedgehog.

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"The Field of Dead Mice!"

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"I think we must be somewhere near the mouse Abbey," Fangburn said.Mangefur pointed an accusing claw at his companion. "Please, Chief, it was Ragear's fault. If we'd gone across the fields instead of up the road?"Collar hurt mouseneck," he grinned. Warbeak shrugged sympathetically. "King say you weara. No can take off. Me sorry.""Hang him by the tail."

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"I can see it," said Matthias, "there, along to your left. You'll have to lead, Warbeak."

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"That's probably what caused old Ambrose to pass out. Pain and loss of blood. He must have traveled a fair way in that condition. D'you think he'll live, Father Abbot?"

"Hello there, Mrs. Churchmouse! Sit the children down! I'll get them some raspberry cordial."

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